Wednesday, April 27, 2016

The Emilio Aguinaldo in Us

Riddle Me This 
"Never been rich nor hero,
but to power hereto
he can broker you"

--Saigon De Manila"

Fast forward:

Q: Name your top campaign contributor. Sino siya?(who is he)
A: Nasa bukid, Ma'am. (in the farm)
Q: Anong pangalan? (what;st his name)
A: Emilio ....Aguinaldo

The above was during a blitz Q&A televized debate asked by ABS-CBN presenter Ms. Karen Davila thrown to Mayor Rodrigo Durterte. - Erthwhile city Mayor of 22 years for a thriving cosmopolitan urban center in war torn Southern Philippines.


In a country with 7,100 islands and record holder of 11 millions retweets of trending topics. Social media went into frenzy Netizens was bewildered by the seemingly goofy answer though it draws an initial laughter from the live audience. Who is Emilio Agunaldo on Duterte's camp? Was it another tasteless joke? A plain John Doe or face less man? An enigma that evade BIR? A modern day Robin Hood or more than that?

The answer created an online trend for a modern day quiz, queries and investigation if not just simple critical thinking.and probably trampled and embarrassed Mar Roxas BATMAN's detective skills. For the the regular folks, they encountered the name in history books if for those who have short memory the name still engrave in our 5 peso bill or coin at present time. Why name drop a historical figure? The historical man was after all known for heroics (defend on who you ask). He is after all known being the first Philippine Republic. So could it be just a nom -de-guerre of one rich guy from the hinterland? Social media was quick to react. From fallacious New People Army (NPA) to a benefactor to clueless answers.

A blogger nailed it the morning, after "'Emilio Aguinaldo' actually represents the masses. Duterte is so witty you would think he was shallow. Emilio Aguinaldo represents the masses who are so passionately supporting the candidacy of Duterte. We may only have 5 pesos in our pockets, but we are millionaires by heart. We truly believe that by our unity, teamwork and dedication to Duterte, the minute pesos we humbly contribute will accumulate to the true voice of the Filipino People."

My own Prof.Charles Xavier in the person of Señor Alex Casiple brilliantly spilled; "I am Emilio, too. Have you ever wondered why not Andres or Jose? Genius is like gold, you have to dig deep into the ground, crush the hardest of rocks and use fire to purify before you can relish its glitter."


There it was, however the Mayor tried to be coy and explained that it was "invented". The machinery was unmasked. A people's candidate championing it's source- the masang Pilipino was on his regular Sunday clothes. Acknowledging his rivals, talking less but meaty and deliberately laced with wisdom. Emilio is either the proverbial donation of a poor man's last coin, or selfless millions who knew the collective effort will make butterfly effect across the archipelago. The message is clear and soon after when election will be over it will banner "EMILIOn of THANKS from common men & women, brave or weak, small or big, far or just around everyone are counted" The uprecedented movement from worldwide supporter of the Man behind how Davao City had become, his profile swept everyone's thirst of an answer that represented them. Every way they can, from home made banner to tarpaulin made of sacks, from pop culture art to mammoth crowd flocking his rally. To every post in social media, every materials done in his name and cause. Never have we seen somethig like this, much more viral than Saguisag's "adopt saguisag" or Lito Osmeña's "Promdi" this one is a real phenomenon. All the small effort from likes to sharing, delivered by voices transcending all the class spectrum of A to E.  Emilio is not the celebrities, Aguinaldo lives beyond the Mountains and lowlands. He is amongst every Filipino who cared for this specific advocacy of change.

Had this happened decades back, a green buck for the iconic plebe hero Andres Bonifacio could been just another non esoteric humor, alas the word play was just as splendid as forthcoming change..Emilio is the colloquial "volunteer", Aguinaldo as "gift" ergo VOLUNTEER'S Contribution-That's from you!


Tuesday, July 21, 2015


Ignited by the voice of braveness
and the astute vision
of a strong will
to build
tethered by
robust colonial past
calls the rarest breed of a man.

Though history may be kind
the memory of men will entwined
to the result of battle cry
only few have the chance to try

Engrave in the Pantheon of our time
we will never see a storied saint on his prime
but another mortal in quest of identity
not to the realm of his own humanity
but to the greatest good
of asserting fatherhood
and firm to his station
in raising a nation.


March 23, 2015©

 Summons to Nations

A call to peace
and for all the sovereign nations or at war
the road was endless
but only few numbered souls
walked the balancing act
for the freedom sound
over the belfry of common sense.

The selfless act
so seldom seen,
will not perish to seed the land
blasphemed in ages to rest in our hands
so that inequality may burned
to fertile all our sons
cleansing sinful forbearance.

-December 2013

Image Credit:
WIkiMedia Commons

Sunday, December 8, 2013

SMS from the heart Part 1

Dolly (elementary Principal) Since 2004

“everything u’v done will become someels’s  memeory. D person might 4get d exact wordz u said but no way 2 make dem 4 get d way u made dem feel. “Tnx sa msge Sir

GOD hears what is not spoken and
 Understand what is not explained.. Fo HIS love doesn’t work n thelips nor n the mind bu in the heart!                                                                

There are times when HEAVEN seems to be silent in our prayers, GOD is just making it QUIET for us to hear the RUSHING SOUND of His “Abundant Grace”

Little things we give away come back as BLESSINGS some other day.Its GOD way  of giving rewards to those who share their unselfish heart!

I pray for a life that you deserve..
A life as good as urheart,
As bright as ur smile..
Enjoy life & stay in GOD’s grace..! ex soulmate since 2007

Feb 5
“ there are two wolves residing inside ur heart.  One is love and the other is hate.
The one who will win is the one you feed the most.” - Pathfinder

December 5 2008

Whenever u feel weak, remember those who made u stronger..
And whenever u start to doubt yourself,
Remember those who believe in you..

If fate favors u 1 day &
U are asked wat u want 2b,
Dont  wish to be someone elz..
Bcoz I tell u.
U r wonderful the way you are..

Life is undying cycle . it is a battle of survival. If if you quit, then youre a loser. If you fail then stand up, if you keep on compaining about the miseries of your life, nothing will hapenn. God doesn’t throw stones that we cannot catch. Live with Him and everything will turn out ryt.

We choose how we see people. When we want to like someone, we can be so tolerant, when we want to be irritated by people we focus on their faults its not other people’s behavior that determines how we feel about them- it’s our attitude. =)

Aug 13  Frnds alwys knws prfct thing to do.. dey mke u smile by sying sumthing dt no1 else cud hav sed, bcoz d 2 of u share scret language dt aders cant tune in2 =)

Nanete frm Honkong

Ako malambing? Fren naman! Hw much mre f ako nging gf u? nku fren mm2halin kita gbi2 araw2, minu-minuto alagaan buong buhay ko.. hahaha tama b un fren?

Never get discouraged when things go beyond ur expectations, always remember dat d greatest glory nlife s not winning, but rising everything we fall! God bless u!

D SECRET of  Life is Prayer..
D Secret of Hapiness is Giving..
D Secret of LOVE is sacrifice..
D secret of  friendship is concern..
Take care my friend

Always remember
Life isnever without a problem..
Never without difficulties..
Never without hurtful moment,
But, Never without GOD 2 lean on =)

May ur morning b a garden gods 1derful blessings & ur lyf blosoms w/ every  dream dats close 2 yr heart god b w/ u in erverything u do gud am

Life is a continues journey, a constant challenge of choices. We get rich not by treasures in or banks, but by the LOVE we bank in our hearts

Faith teacher us 2 believe no matter wat situation wer having ryt now hold on be strong don’t give up God works n ways we cannot see

“to everything there is a season, a time  for evey purpose under the heaven”  Eccl 3:1  just as the winter turns psrings, our lives jve changing seasons too,  so when a gloomy forecast comes, Remmber- God has plans for you! Blessed mrning 2 u!

Friendship s a collection of love
Ready 2 give share & understand It never fades & never ends.
It only reminds us.. Life is not perfect w/out

            “ang Itlog”
pag pula ang balat maalat yan
pag itim ang loob bulok yan
pag may sisiw sa loob balut yan
pag may sisiw sa labas..
naku sugurado.. BAYAG yan!

Friends are like underwear
always near you.
Gud friends are like condoms,
Always protecting you
Best friend are like VIAGRA,
Lift u up when you are down.

Jesus never fails, He knows ur desires HE’s looking at ur tears. Send this to 9 special people and tomorrow u’ll see a miracle- it works Dont keep this message unsent.

Dont look for things or people that aren’t there.
Just always be thankful  for what you have;
Because the more you look for something not with you. The more you find something wrong with what you have..
There are miracles everyday, if you look hard enough..

I admit dat I will never  be a gud frnd 2 u.. or even gve u a perfect care.. but der s ony 1 thing I can promise..“214”
2 b
1 of ur frnds
4ever all-
evertyhting happens for a reasons gudnyt gang!

 GOD s watching nearby 2 send u HIS  blessing & gv u HIS Grace so keep n Mind that whatever ur Cross & whatever ur plan GOD always cares 4 u Bcoz HE loves u.

(heart full of care)  para sa mabait  na receiver.. galing sa lovable at cute na sender! Hapi Valentines!

You cant hold too many things, no matter what you do to make them stay and no matter how mych they to saty, the wind will always blow them away, so learn tolet and choose carfully which you want to stay, vecasue like the sand. Ony those which are in the center of your palm will last..

G(,“)(“,)D Morning
Sweet thoughts &  prayers are  sent ur  way to warm ur heart&  bless ur day…take care always ..GOD BLESS!

-to mark the day’s beginning
-to bless your day
-to lighten up your heart
- to praise GOD’s Glory

Simple question 2 test  your heart!
There was a tree that was dying, then rain came suddenly it grew leaves, then autum  came & wind blew the leaves away.
There are  5 characters , you must choose 1 hu u think u r.. rain, tree, leaves, wind or Autumn?  Il send  the reply after the answer.

..just open ur eyes & feel d morning w/ a PRAYER.. as u go on 2 ur work take thingd easy… 4 GOD knows bter each day.. good morning

Care is the sweetest form of lOVE
Wen someone says TAKE CARE. It really means datu will saty in der heart til it last beat.. so take care always.

Just open ur EYES  & FEEL d morning  w/ a prayer as u go on 2 ur work take things easy.. 4 GOD knows u r doing bter each DAY..

I sent my cares 2 d wind..
N ask d wind 2 pass thm 2 u..
Wen u feel d wind blowing against ur face.. that’s me.. saying..
Good morning 2 u!

Life is made of beautiful people whose Fragrance infuses d heart w/ gladness & diffuses sadness away. Don’t stop being such a good person! God uses you today!

Once d moon winks at u 2nyt. I wish sweet drms wil mbrace u tyt. I hope ur day ws olryt. Now I bid u wd a lovely gunyt

D important element of closeness is communication, dats d rison y my fingers r still pressing d keys on my fon coz I dnt wnt  2 cut d line dat connects u.

Morning r created 2c d beauty of lyf once again.. and 2 know dat der r people who cares about u.. and I’m one of them..

Always start ur day w/ this exercise tip:
stretch ur patience, run miles of faith flex ur love 4 others & smile ur heart out.. –have a healthy Day!

Luv s not enuf 2 mke sm1 urs, u nid sm1 hus gona b der 4 u ol d tym,sm1 hu wud trit u beter, hu cud  c u tru, sm1 hu cud say goodbye bt still b der 4 you.

Kuya Ramon a brother since birth

For every dream in your heart.. God gives u inspiration.. for every hope you seek  God gives u unxpctd miracles.. may you feel God’s blessing always..

 Gud luck then.. 1 of ds days invite kita d2 salIPa at lykly within da next 2 wks da next 2 wks cge update kita asap maglaing na ako!

Tuloy ang pakikibaka sa mga paghamon ng buhay

 My kids mukhang delubyo lng makapipigil para hindi masabitan ng honor hehe DE CASTRO nga sila pti Jano very talented at bright.. I wud invite you one of his days d2 LIpa!

Tol Musta ga? I hope all ur dreams ay matupad.. NO GUTS! NO GLORY!

Tol musSta amga Programa?!

Mapagpalan at masiglang araw mga kapuso at kapamilya..
Thanks sa mga assist pg ka confine ko 11days due to emotional & mental stress..
Need lang addtnal rest d2 homebase.. Ramon warmest rgrds sa lahat.

(garbled mesage)
Sa Feb 14 nalang uli ako text!

Lechon may ay nais kong ipadala
At may hamon pang kasama, pero
Dite mo ay akn inaalala.
Kay text nlang Zero cholesterol pa!

God want us to live like the grass..Even if it is stepped on, crushed, burned && cut, it always persists & grows back even greener & stronger..

Susie Larona an ex politician
I ask God to:
…Make u happy
..make u smile
.. guide u Safely thru every mile
..give u wisdom
..give u health
..most of all give u BLESSING all the time..

Ayet a Half Brother by Dad

Mga dapat gawin para hindi madisgrayas ng Paputok sa  Darating na Bagong Taon:
1. Wag kumuha ng naputukan na, bka mapikot ka;
2.Alisin agad kung malapit ng pumutok;
3. Kung naputukan na, dali-daling hugasan, baka madala pa sa hugas;
4. Wag magpaputok sa mataong lugas nakakahiya:
5. Magtanong kung ”safe” bago magpaputok. Kung ”safe” saka iputok.

M.Cayento from Grad School-Davao

Start a new beginning 2gdr wd d guidans of God Lift up everything unto Him ol d good desires of ur heart. May God bless u & ur family ds coming new year.

Nartajes frm Davao

Gkan sa kinauyokang luna ning naglagutob kong dughan, duyog sa pintik sa kaong kasing kasing, dawata ang akong mainton nga pagpanimbaya kaimo ning adlawa kapaskuhan. Tim-os akongnanghinaut ug hugot nga nangaliya nga ang diwa sa PAsko nga mao ang GUgma, Kalipay, kaangayan ug Kalnaw mohair ug mopagtihawakanunay sa tanang panahon. Maayong PAsko ug mauswagong Bag-gong TUig!

MAribel a J.witness

is a gud time to :remember “ all the sweet things & a;; sweet person in your “life”, so sleep well with your “SWEET MEMORIES” ghud nyt..

NOnskie A half brother
Chinese fen shui ngayon New year:
No.1 kung salamin nasa hagdanan, yan swelte, grasya akyat.
No.2 kung salamin nasa pintuan, yang swelte, glasya pasok.
No.3 kung salamin nasa kisame, ikaw sobra swerte, Nasa Loob ka motel!

Mama Joy: A mother & a Friend

March 12, 2009
“ surely blessing I will bless you, and multiplying I will multiply you “ Hebrew 6:14
 God is helpful and HE fulfilled many miracles.. Malay mo kuahon ta niya karon. Are we ready?

March 10
”heavy rains remind me of challenges in life..
 Never ask for a lighter rain.. Just pray for a better umbrella..” have a peaceful mind! Gud am

Jan 30 2009

Wht im so grateful to d Lord bcuz u knw what to do esp. n times of dstress, aflctions and confusions u knw Ed whom to seek 1st. Tnx God ur brothers got u Ed who is so concern of their spiritual lyf. May God bless u Ed, nw and 4ever.

Jan 27
At times, quiet reflections & meditation is the kind of prayer that allows the presence of the FAther to permeate our souls & to enrich our lives

Jan 27
2009:Year of the Ox,
Prayers ko 4 u , d2 sa Earth
Ox na heatlh
Ox na wealth
At higit sa lahat,
Ox na Ox na life for u & ur family Ok b?
Kung Hei Fat Choi!

If you doubt that Jesus cares remember His tears. (john 11:35)

I opened an acct 4 u  at the BANK of God’s Blessing & deposited 365 days full of love. Faith, happiness & contentment. Enjoy widrawing dem . Hav a blessed new yr!

Dec 15 2008
Ma, I wish you a very Happy Birthday
Hope you'll have a great day today how ever grand or modest it will be
If I can have my say
I'll make it  memorable as I can for the reason I need not say
But alas, all I can do is pray
That God looks after you in His own way
As for your special day today
I wish in good health and spirit you'll stay
.as my mentor, adviser, true friend and a mother!

Nov 22
It is not what we eat but what we say that defiles us; Not what we gain but what we share that makes us rich: Not what we rwead but what  we remember that makes us learned; and NOT what we profess but what we practice that gives integrity. God Bless!

Oct 28
1 araw humiling ako sa “Dios” nmg 1 bugkos ng Bulaklak. Pro, Cactus binigay nya n may tinik., humiling ako muli  ng paruparo, pro s halip ang binigay nya s akin ay Uod… Sobra akong pgk raan ng ilan araw napansin ko ung cactus nmulaklak ng mgka ganda2x, at ung Uod nagin paruparo…
Nais lng pl ng “Dios” m22 tyo mghintay ng taman oras.. dhl..
SYS lang nkkaalam kung ano ang mkbubuti pra s atin.. God Bles

Sept 3
Don’t let your heart & mind be troubled b4 u close ur eyes
Take a single moment 2 put urself n2 deep silence calm ur soul,
& hv a lil talk w/ God.. gud am..c”,)

the fish said:
I cant see my tears cause Im in the water”
The water said:
“I can feel your tears cause youre in my heart”

PErfect love means putting up with other peoples short comings, feeling no surprise at their weakness, finding encouragement even in the slightest evidence of good qualities in  them, gud am!

August 19
Pour it out to the Lord Ed, God knws everything and HE knws wht s good 4 u,  trust God wth ol ur heart Ed, and trust Him  dat He controls everything. He knws ur innermost being mor dan u. ur deepest ffelings He knws it ol too wel, so hwt s d wory ol about. Ed I thnk God wants u to wait. Pls don’t be mpatient..just be calm Ed, read psalm 46 God bless u mor Ed.

August 2
Real friends never leave each other..
Never part.. they just sumtyms sit silently deep w/ in each others HEART, sayin’…
Im JUST HERE if you need ME!”

July 23
Ed you know very well if I could change d course of tym I will do it 4 u both jst to c u happy. Whm bt I knw God wil reward u 4 doing His wil, Lets hope pry n d mean tym make God d priority of ur lyf nd I knw u wil nt be n vain in so doing just remain faithful to Him nd continue koling me  mama. GOD BLESS

May 25

 live life 1 day at a tym..
share it wid people who mattrs most 2 you..
 for alyf s little jar of mixed memories
 so fill it wid people worth remembrn..!

ENo: (a son) wd his first phone-2009

Feb 19
ILuv u Dad kahit galit ka ok lng  Gud night

Dad may family day sa feb 8 1:30 punta u gud news talo ko ang 3rd yr pinka gud player n girl standing 2-4 race 2 5 muntik me los nkahbul pa stand 2-0

Gud night god bless u luv u
                        -Feb 2, 2009