Tuesday, May 10, 2011

I AM...

Dear friends and foes,

I used the pen name "Saigon" way back in college in some odd moniker to being anti establishment, nationalist and survivor.Harboring ambitions for a voice, actively used as inner language and covert sign of personal and political language...in retrospect to the radiant spirit that it represent to a small nation victory of its revolutionary heroism against the two mighty forces of imperial America and the shroud of communism. I well identified my struggles on the same path in real life politics and preservation of own identity.

Not counting the endearing "Pareng ED" tag, there were some num de plume I had on my literary adventure too, such as G.O. Lagat, ..and some years back a virtual nom de guerre JAMES TANYU each pseudonym were taken on different purpose it need to valorize or hide including regionalistic stereotyped alias KABAYAN. Nevertheless "Saigon" continued to compell its polar opposites to what they have know to commercialized musicale and face of worldwide refugees or boat people including the night bar of girlie entertainment I visited near Kamuning during the 1980s(sic).

After more than two 2 decades now I finally find peace to commune in this mask that some perverse it to be "enslaving, mongrel, decadent" stigma.It now represent a new strain of my being on every blazing my advocacy of the education-divide spectrum, aesthetic freedom and bliss of my own journey to personal hapiness.

My Christian name days are numbered but I will remain to carry this handle as allonym to being your friend and comrade for life.

Yours truly,

Ed DeCastro aka SAIGON

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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Jakarta vacation

Enjoying the vacation so far , and done with two paintings until i stumbled with a very goos site that showcase artist works and can earn online!
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