Saturday, September 29, 2012

Art/Poetry Book: On the wings O' Butterflies

a collection of 162 poems, 20 artworks from nine(9) contemporary poets across four (4) continents:
  • Chaline Ouellet
  • Christopher Gaston
  • Ed Meredith
  • Jacob King
  • Kevin Callahan
  • Maria Disley
  • Saigon De Castro (me)
  • Thao Chuong
  • Xoanxo Cespon
These poets provide readers with a global perspective on different topics from the whole spectrum of thinking and writing process.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Apple,angst and candle light

The preceding are what my pen have left off, and my keyboard was really a generation away since I last considered my self as lexiphile. Thanks for the itch to produce art, as I tried to hibernate from my brushes heres comes loose poetry I have done in the blazing quartet between an ending year and new summer.

       Ilumina mundi      

                                                       and I am
                                                   in a sojourn.. by
                                               life like that of a light
                                                flickering or dead still..
                                                  vulnerable and open
                                                   To sundry elements
                                                        at times cruel,
                                                         our adversity
                                                        To finish our
                                                        Own journey.
                                                        Thus like that
                                                        Of manifested
                                                        Destiny, we,'ll
                                                        Protect its life
                                                        To survive the
                                                        Test we never
                                                        Yearn to add
                                                        Nor complete
                                                        Defying odds
                                                       That we're told
                                                        Will make us
                                                        Either burn out
                                                        Or ever  proud.

Courtship at the tea-farm:

green foliage of hills on man's herbal haven
a secret blend that rival's your coffee
dawn breaks in streak of gold over the heaven
hustling mortals appears to earn their fee

as the morning kick in a lively throttle
no idle cupid will missed romantic pawns
this lovely day is another man's battle
to win his mainden joy he wants to own


The poet

He see poetry
In every nook and cranny
lights or after life

� Saigon
March 4, 2012

Lady in the hammock

Oh my Fair lady
Why resting in my hammock
If my arm is warm
Waiting  for fondly arm rest

Sleep now if you must
Bring the joy of your cat nap
luxury deprive
is now your paradise found

                 - ¤ -

dream, dream my maiden
sinking well in thy heaven
dream, dream in slumber
into the  eve dark amber

Sultry shaped cradle
hummock floats in bridle
sensual joys and naughty moan
From our early union groan

thou lovely handles I felt
For another  evening stealth
Saucy lips, and softly breast
To inner core I found rest

Oh lady you're tired
be asleep as I admired
if thou awake and refresh
Lets start new bliss to our nest.

Feb 2012l

Anyone seen my uncanny jelly fish

Anyone seen my uncanny jelly fish
Not on tv or on japanese dish
 Yet it reminds you of  celestial hues
A frontier baffling as if universe are few

Be it in a frolick or  gazed in the sea,
Like of plastic, pospsicles and honey bee
Unlocking, fragile looking wonder
A challenge Deity offers to painter - like me

How cool and tranquil oh unpretending
With a stung that would damn you unending
From a being with out a brain
Ouch what profit would i really gain

In a black virtual canvas created
(Creative abyss I think  I cheated)
Floating, gliding it its new domain
Proud creator forever I am

The creep

Ashes to sea dust,
A chain to mystic web life
meta or divine?

Qui tenet veritatem?

What is reality today
Will be revoke someday
Truth is relative
Just that elusive
Never mind what others have to say
Just live to changes that might lead at bay
And walk the Earth like true master
You were destined to deal
And make that chances- real



 ten toes now setting
arching mid-foot unyielding
a hind supporting
where eyes ogled find defying

sore they will tell you
but did you mind it too?
the burden they owned
marked the prints wish you have loaned

� Feb 14, 2012

The Feet

Checked your two brave feet
How many miles had it set?
All day walk, and here
Running leads you anywhere

Be your feet leading
or your mind is not heeding
when they get even
six feet under is haven


Angst for sickness

A diarrhea,
vomiting aches and chills
ah burning fever
abdomen in pain
silently i'm screaming
ah just like dying

January 16,2012

Another Camiile De la Rosa opus:



Prophetic and man
Now one being is revealed
holy, lewd - ghastly


Foretold is coming
Is it dread to humankind
If Nirvana is lose?


To reach as an end
Our sin is already cleanse
to live and let live

On Camille de la Rosa's art work:

to primal great mind
comes our sensuous inner peace
sordid and beauty

sought virginity
hymen of naivete
caviar to many

Jan 09 2012

Ode to prayer

If my whisper breaks the rhythmic silence
To my Almighty God it is but  loud
Starting a Day, on meals or nightly chat
A thankful words to Him as gracious psalm

Completing  my solace mortal being
As willed and  haunting like baby crying
A solemn call in an answer divine
Celestial King readying heaven

A cry, litany or soul  bend thirsty
Within our core and beyond our psyche
A quest and deep need whatever  maybe

Thou listen to whom much is nearer?
No churches entity or vagabond brethren
Shall  attention  be unequal leaven

Our words liberating supplication
Uplifting hope, soothing wound healing scar
Granted or not  to prayer we have found.

March 29,2012

Coffee n grin senryu

A morning reading
 just makes a meal lovelier
coffee more tastier

March 30, 2012

Sino ang bida?

Isang katanungan medyo pang estupido ang dating
Sa halos banal nitong kaanyuan
Nitong nagbibigkis sa hapag kainan
Ulam o sinabawan ay mapanglaw
Pag dimo sinabayan ng pillak na kanin
Kayat magbunyi sa totoong bidang pagpugayan
Pagpagparangal sa tunay nitong kahalagahan
Bigas na butil, yaman ng lupang hnirang


Who is the star?

A question with stupid connotation
Transgressing its divine form
for what that binds our dining table
soups or viand are lousy boring
Without silver consummate pairing
A celebration with our table's superstar
Honoring its actual pedestal
The grain of rice, wealth of our chosen land


Mi Cerveza

A shot too many,

sizing up who is manly

Speak easy die costly!

March 30, 2012

Death of an apple picker

5 to 6 apple bins a day the master ordered
to avoid paying minimum the land  declared
race is on against unforgiving weather coming
few weeks away and  with few workers signing
the farm is wanting but who is to blame?

9 hours a day surely you will get a pay
whether you're in a journey or making it a day
78 dollars for a work  less than demanded
 growling owner cursing the state they abided
workers were called but few are able!

100 years ago all young even  motherland
farmers are plenty like buffalos in the grassland
they come from a afar , jolly and uncanny
no known profession or collared vanity
but dreamed to be an apple picker.

1 mighty nation forge by natural migration
fought all wars, humane or just abomination
fenced its feign bounty, from cheap labor army
decaying dreams of  freedom loving humanity
the land's still sovereign, so they say.

©April 15, 2012

Senryu to a personal email

defending my poem
if plagiarize or flattery
drunk i rather be

April 16,2012

Senryu to a boxing fan

One Lazy sunday
On tv lousy boxing
Good,  no beer opened!

 May 6

boxer paintings

Monday, March 19, 2012

Tula at balarila

Bersikulo sa Mangangalakal na Ama na mgaa taga Corinto


At kahit pa pamunuan mo ang nakararami ngunit ang hindi ang iyong tahanan, wala ka parin napamunuan.
At kahit pa naayos mo ang kasunduan ng mga kasunduan kapalit ng pagpasubali sa mga anak, iyo parin natalikdan ang oportunidad na pang habang buhay- ang tinakda ng atin Bathala na panuntunan bilang isang Ama.
At kahit maging ulo ka ng estado at maging bigo sa pang ganap bilang ulo ng iyong kasambahay ikaw ay nanatiling walang hanapbuhay.
At kahit pa maturuan mo ang mga empleyado, sa di pag inda sa mga oras, araw at taon subalit hindi ang inyong anak sa mga bagay na dapat niyang matutunan, hindi mo parin maa-angkin maging ganap na guro.
At kahit pa komunsulta ka sa mga ekseyatura at hindi naman mapa unlakan ang mismong mga anak, ikaw parin mismo ang mayroon pangangailangan ng patnubay.
Oo nga't inuuna mo ang karera at hanapbuhay, ngunit di mo mauna ang gawi sa tahanan, kayo ay umuuna pa na mapalayo sa mga tunay na mahal nyo sa buhay.
Oo ngat maka angkin kayo ng pang-galang at tumasa ng kayamanan sa inyong pangangalakal. ngunit bigo kayo makuha ang respeto ng inyong maybahay at mga anak, binababa nyo lamang maging hampas lupa.
Oo nga at malakbay mo ang sanlibutan sa pagsulong sa inyong layunin, at hindi mo naman masamahan o maihatid ang iyong mga anak sa paaralan o simbahan ikaw ay nag kamali ng pag sakay.
Oo nga at inaalay mo ang lahat ng iyong nakamtan para sa iyong pamilya,
at pagal na iyong katawan sa pagkayod, wala ka parin tinubo kong hindi mo nabigyan ng sapat na panahon ang iyong pamilya.

At oo nga dapat sinasaisip mo at diwa na kung wala kang trabaho ikaw ay walang kakainin at ang sinuman hindi maka pagbigay sa sariling pamilya sya ay masahol pa sa walang silbi.

At kung ikaw ay papipiliin sa patuloy na pag-inda sa mapag salantang tungkulin hinihingi ng lipunan ay may ay may puwang sa pamantayan asal pang pamilya, tulungan ka ng Diyos sa hindi mo pagkakatanto at pag walang bahala ay hakbang na pala sa kanilang pagka anay.

Ang panahon ay hindi na maibabalik pag lumampas,, hindi rin sya titigil kahit isang saglit at ang panahon ay hindi rin mapag patawad habang sya ay lumilipas.

Ang panahon magkasamang ginugol ay hindi matatawaran, sapagkat ang mahalagang saglit nayon ay nagiging walang kasing halaga sa alaala ng may akda.

Nung ako ay paslit pa lamang, isip bata ako, dinadama lahat ng oras na akoy nasa kamay ng akin ama't ina, ng ako'y isa ng ama, binabalikan ko ang mga saglit nayon pag hawak kamay ko ang akin mga anak.

Sa ngayon ang alaala na iyon ay sariwa pa tulad ng kahapon, kung alam kolang kung ano ang aral ang natutunan ngayon, nabigyan kopa sana ng ilan pang sandali ang akin tahanan kaysa akin tangapan.

At ngayon nga bilang mangagawa at kapitalista tumutugon sa pananampalataya, pag-asa at pag-ibig, ang pinaka dakila sa tatlo ay pagibig ...pagibig sa panahon nagugul mo sa iyong pamilya.