Sunday, March 3, 2013

2012 Poetry Vignettes

Infinite scroll-work

limitless of thought
evolving new elements
Endless beginning

©Nov 18, 2012

Art Prints

To post or not to post

A mInd overwhelm
A waiting keyboard
Time thicking
Creative overload
Simply ego unchecked.

Nothingness can rules

Nov 17, 2012

Spooky story

A chocolate colored flood hardly called water
A roof noise like a whale singing
Hovering  eerie silver gray clouds
One can count the slow arms of the clock
None dared  the numbers of trees breaking' apart
Kzzzt Kaboom! Flashing  thunder like canon
Darkness follow in the abyss of a long night
Under the belly of wicked wind
Whosssh, whrrrr you
can hear a murdering rain
Poltergeist misbehaving or
A phenomenon ever here?
In a country surrounded by water
Such chances are neither nil
Or surreal as hollywoold reel
From unkindness cold hearted  ocean
Either  conniving  heat of prodigal Sun
Or proverbial sign of times
They are easy culprit to identfy
Than condemning  the folly of man
The systemic crushing of its lungs
To wanton shortening of his breath,
Like a curse tale of terra cotta
Of wasted land and garbage shoreline
A collective ignorance and crime
As weapons of natural annihilation
A spooky story for a brave child of mine
While typhoon ravish my fatherland
For cycle of ever after.

©October 30, 2012

Art Printspoint of nothingness!?

most men awaits fortune
i included give no excuses
for my crude lullabies
provoking anger or cry
to non-crooked line
o' pregnant monochrome
songbird of the pen
erring wordsmith
of foreign twang

boldness or blindness
the age of my soul 
willful innocence
all that is pure
joyful or forbidden

captured hallucination
whatsoever in the mind

purposely nothing is.

-Saigon de Manila
©October 26, 2012


On a day where my feet is heavy not in a hurry
coming from a building i now thought is shabby.
'saw young beggar with crude drum, catching a jeepney ride
another native lad from mountain's indigenous tribe
near my side is his mother carrying a malnourished child

Half day early i was self-assured but doomed merchant
gullible to know every line down to every consonant
a poke of fragile finger interrupting my suicidal resonance
comes the look of the mother and the gaze of pittance
desolately uttering a crafted word "mercy

The horn of vehicles snap the short spell bound
my act to give alms gone and rush to a train above ground.
Recollecting the morning meeting with HR Manager
Presenting me last pay, with my eyes like that of a pauper
-neither wrath or disbelief is needed surrendering apathy

Hundred meters away I can see my modern dwelling
Imposing elegance amidst a death foretelling
last station i came down noticing a commotion
an injured child fell from deadly routine supplication
the beggar that clinch to jeepney as place of trade.

In a deep sigh I approach him to console my curiosity
assuring first, if my clutch bag stuff are safety
I asked if I can take him to a doctor, but he utter
”am fine sir, I need to be back with my mother”
I gave pennies from sorted full metals somewhere in my trouser

Unmindful he received it and collects his crushed bass instrument
Not realizing he's leaving me lesson
in short engagement
Dusting off, walks away like its an ordinary day.
between my own mortal destiny or come what may
to end a life or my own from a gun I'm concealing

My mobile phone vibrate with familiar number ringing
“Hello dear” I answered my cheerful bride in waiting
“How was your meeting?” ‘Am fine’ without guilt or pain
“See you later” saying this I know confidence I had regain
Just remembering the courage of beggars I’ve seen

©October 25, 2012


Was it a loud sudden noise or an eerie paranoia of copulating?
raiding a den in a sudden without warning
police will send you guideline made in heaven.
As if the world and their intelligence are dead even.
Caressing ego with a promised of case reopening
forgone words are either deafening or my awakening
like chilly domain somewhere in Antartica..
expression being banged like a dictator from Africa.

Sept 26, 2012

(Senryu to f&$#Â¥! Axed discussion thread)

Perfect crime or ill timed.
Shielding of a dying star
Is purely evil.

On my mind since
September 1969

Love, Sex and Lullaby I

Pajama party or boisterous crowd
Let's read the code why they croak out loud
Is it a ritual rhyme to pray for more rain
Or just serenading its mate in vain?

At the frenzy of finding the bitchy Dear
he'll sex in days like he abandoned fear
Licking the rain drops till her climax faded fast
Assuring heavens, seedlings will last

As eggs hatched and swim to new life
To refuge to water where suns seldom lights
Harboring the future rascals to noise the night
Mixing praise, moans and proliferous's delight

Is this for the deity love of the shower rain,
Or the procreation reward of sex and pain?
Ah graphic beauty of nature's survival orgy
This frog's lullaby, makes poetry obligatory

Sept 1,2012


So pleasurable 
To be caught on lovely web 
Toxins for Don Juan 

Sept 1, 2012


She will be my queen
From our wedding date onward
A blissful reward

My would be roommate
No stranger to artist life
As poet's wife

Forever a friend
A critic or fanatic
Still sounds romantic



ten thousand views now
a creative thread burning
the artist online

we now celebrate
Magus "Ed" of cyber-land
real mighty man

this enclave domain
we came we saw, you conquered
lower and upper case

(posted for Ed Meridith thread)

cloudy day

Suspended on air
Hovering cottons all day
Challenging the sun

Cumulus beauty
Blocking the beam ray of life
Working men's delight


Fine art work by OTIL ROTCOD

A Poem a day

Between this universe and my soul can imagined
between flat lines and signs of life
for pain and sheer delight
of love and that of
unexpected joy
for my heroes
sex or woes
to appreciate
what there is now
and what there was to you
and me where I want to be now
and how i felt, from the depth of my longing
thinking, ode, dissent or meditative state

A poem a day
keeps the demons away.

© Saigon

(An Echo)

My brave child, nature is kind
As torrential rain flushes like Noah's  tale
and the whole metro stood still,
soak and crying
Nature is kind.

Gusty wind, no deafening  lighting
Brethren and children can brace the night
on collective prayers
while keeping dry.
Nature is kind

My brave child, nature will be kind
This chosen land  under weathers' wrath
southwest monsoon over pouring
my brave child
nature is kind

Video footage of victims,and heroes
neighbors houses floats in the river flow
pets howling, shivering on remaining trees
guilty Men and women cramped to highlands
as their sea of garbage,
kept destruction  unimagined

Our nation survived wars,
even not this kind
as we rape the land
In the shadow of your chilling hands
My brave child
Nature is kind

©Sept 7, 2012

Of friends and foe

Lo between these two
What's the difference for you
If nether helped you?

Both can do make you
Or break for who you will be
Paradox really

Villain or hero
Distinction told from A to Z
Let them define me


Dream or neverland
Like the playground of the moon
set foot on high noon

Earth bound i will be
Like forefathers before me
Mortal destiny

Oh Neil Armstrong
Your note to mythology
Icarus as thee


(Altered Everything Or Nothing)

In full Aquarius morning
came an elemental forces
that rivaled Khaos of Hesiod
this phenomenon
as if all agenda
can never be
put in a rationale.
The Protogenoi of our time
for us
artist alike.
He or she that serves
primeval Gods should not take the blame
for the universe that we know
will always be in peril.
But our world
will be better
with a strong chance of epiphanies
in the midst of the void that was created
that harvest more fury than fear,
had we not tasted
the agony
of being
in the

©August 3, 2012

O pay dome O' Espresso
(to Viet)

Come visit the
world of Fine Fart Antarctica
bedrock of
frigid foolishness,,
from sea cows
seal or penguins are still
frosty space
'n chilling imagination
so intelligent life form could let their brain freeze
inside its box
into the abysmal boredom
and have their spirit sunk low
into the ebb of

coffee espresso is never free
or served chilled
as long as
the power that be, still snort the will
and shackle over the pacifist
or deemed fascist
they mothball em to express urges
to colorful proliferation

at the moot castration of
intellectual orgasm
art no more
or literature
but new
sense of


Art Prints

© 2012