Tuesday, July 21, 2015


Ignited by the voice of braveness
and the astute vision
of a strong will
to build
tethered by
robust colonial past
calls the rarest breed of a man.

Though history may be kind
the memory of men will entwined
to the result of battle cry
only few have the chance to try

Engrave in the Pantheon of our time
we will never see a storied saint on his prime
but another mortal in quest of identity
not to the realm of his own humanity
but to the greatest good
of asserting fatherhood
and firm to his station
in raising a nation.


March 23, 2015©

 Summons to Nations

A call to peace
and for all the sovereign nations or at war
the road was endless
but only few numbered souls
walked the balancing act
for the freedom sound
over the belfry of common sense.

The selfless act
so seldom seen,
will not perish to seed the land
blasphemed in ages to rest in our hands
so that inequality may burned
to fertile all our sons
cleansing sinful forbearance.

-December 2013

Image Credit:
WIkiMedia Commons