Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Legend of the Fly ( a wiki poem)

The Legend  of the Fly

The sky has clouds
the stream has ripples
A pelican has wings

My pad has icloud
my wife has nipples

a Republican with wings

U shout at clouds!
U have no nipples!?
The fat lady sings!

You make me laugh out loud
you play a game
upon your cloud
Now what's ur name?”

no view is so loud
for poet like Poe's riddles
(we love) like nasty stings

The Pelicans crowd
They fear the riddles
They like the lightened hymns

Hymns were the beginning
when the poet soul sang out
So close to nature
So earthed with doubt!

He see hymns on frog's croaking
even if an old man with gout
or deeds so immature
poems abound no doubt.
Frogs rejoice in their heavenly soaking
The Gout man so screams, he shouts!
Find him the cure!
The cure of less doubt, perhaps less gout

A creature born without king
slimy things leaping on its hideout
its songs or our displeasure
Pelican's delight on its sumptuous take-out

“I am the pelican king”!
The frogs sing monsoons' delight
They croak in pelicans' measure, in their leisure
They sing for carnal pleasure, of monsoon nights.

Ugly fish eye frog
Inside a pelican prince
the dove of the wet sky mirror
with hiccups after dinner
Poor frog cursed swimmer!

(leaving his physical deformity)
the frog uttered his litany
"Ugly I maybe
but who has more fairy tale than thee
sky flyers you can be
finding life in the scree
is the real prince in me!"

Summer breaths, breeze
Resuscitate oh rivers life
Air of life
I'm upside down, blue and not breathing
floating in a pond of night
Am I the heron?
Did I dream of frogs?
Am I the frog!?
Did I dream of herons?
I float in the night

>In a Blue Blue heaven
The frog prepares to receive his wings
the pelican down below
>How unerved she'll be
to see a flying frog!..With a halo!

"It's here you will stay"
the golden pond keeper says
The fish, the insects all that crawls
do not eat, your stomach would not even growl.
From here to eternity until one king is king
you will be just blissful to have this undertaking
sing all day and pray in between.

I will pray and sing to my hearts content
but what of the prince?
was it all pretence?
Out of life now....
>but still no wiser
no did I
I have wings..I'm a flyer..
what more to desire?

What's there to ponder?
When I am no no longer
a part of it?
Quick..take back these wings..the halo..the ipad
return me I beg...miracle worker
to the day before blue day
when I croaked with meloncholia
through the damp night...
where I waited and longed
and, Yes! I admit pain-panged..
but felt SOMETHING!.... Alive...Alive....alive!

The great KING heard the off key
On the cloudy fairways before the keeper tweak his tee
"Why he detest his place on my kingdom?"
Did you not read him the choices for every martyrdom?
"I will" and swung easy with his custom made wood club
The Keeper avoided the hazard but not the shrub
Gave up the ball and keep the score
Proceeded to see the frog to tweet no more

And everyday
As thundered, rain
breezed the failing life
as hops and croaks
so little frogs arose
to blink
and watch
and stare
eye for eye for i .. am reborn as just a fly...

As the fly flew
He flew through, and through, the void
>Through times of dark
With flight there was the coming of light and longer days
Never ending was this flight
As light became the wings
And a Prince stood proud, brought upon such heaven's wings
And angelic wings lit up the void
A Prince was born to rule this way
To rule the land and sea and sky

But then darkness decided
that he must die…
Like an old good fly.

-Jason Christopher ,Maria Disley, Saigon De Manila

First published in

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